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About Deviant Artist Hielo de Azul o̿ ̭ o̿Indonesia Groups :iconpravda-high-school: PRAVDA-HIGH-SCHOOL
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Hielo de Azul o̿ ̭ o̿
Carbonara Pasta circle. German literature student. Lives in Bandung. Loves manga, anime, drawing, and photography. Also the owner of Aoi-Yuki117.
"Pro" stands for procrastination. :iconglaceonlaplz:

It's okay to repost my fanarts as long you put the credit to me (Azulnieve-pro) or link to the source.
please don't repost my original comic pages and my OC arts, thanks.

Instagram: Azulnieve_pro
Ngomik: Azulnieve (not active yet)
Pixiv: Azulnieve-pro (not active)
Twitter: Azul_Nieve (I post arts and random things there)
Tumblr: Azulnieve-pro (seems I only post random fandom rebloggings here)

Game accounts:
- World of Tanks SEA server: ValkoinenLumi (not playing anymore)
- War Thunder: Kazakami_Reiji (not playing anymore)
- Transformice: Azulnieve (not playing anymore, rarely active on Cheeseformice forum)

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LAST UPDATE: 17 / MAR / 2017 - [OPEN]


Digital + full color + cell shading (no BG or with simple BG).

Headshot => 40k IDR / 6 USD
Bust up => 60k IDR / 9 USD
Half body => 80k IDR / 12 USD
Full body => 160k IDR / 24 USD


I draw
- fanart
- OC
- human
- kemonomimi
- moe
- anime style
- girls
- boys
- 1-3 characters on 1 pic (price multiplied depends on how much the characters)
- R-15G (slight gore)

I don't draw
- mecha
- armor
- ecchi/nudes/sexy
- anything sexual related
- explicit gore/guro
- yuri
- yaoi
- animals/furries
- anthro
- abs/bara
- realistic
- bikini/underwear

For too detail character
*I may decrease too much detail to make the picture clean
*if you want full detail for armor/accessories/ weapon will cause additional charge = $0-3 *


- Please send me a note/PM for the commission.

=> [Your Name]
=> type of commission: HEADSHOT / BUST / HALF BODY / OVER KNEES / FULL BODY
=> character count: 1 - 3 (require to recheck to lower confusion)
=> detail about them that you want me to know: especially their relationship if there are 2 or more character in one pic.
=> BG: white / or let me create some simple BG
=> Reference pic about them
=> Reference of the pose/gesture you want
=> If you don't want me to upload it to my gallery, you can tell me. (It's up to you if you want to credit me or not :D)

- I will frequently show the progress of the art.
- I will tell you when will I finished it at the time I accept your commission. Usually within a week if no waiting list and I'm not busy.
- Maximum correction for each commission = 3 times.
- 2-3 slots open per week.
- payment via Paypal or Mandiri.

My other active contacts for quicker replies
-> Twitter: Azul_Nieve
-> Instagram: Azulnieve_pro

I have the right to decline any work. It's up to my consideration if it is too hard.

Please NOTE/PM me


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Have a nice day!

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